Best Remote Ceiling Fan in India 2020

  • Only 28W at highest speed – Save up to 1500 INR per year compared to Other Fan.
  • 5 Star rated BLDC motor with Improved Reliability & Longevity.
  • Smart Remote with Boost, Sleep & Timer Mode.
  • Atomberg’s Efficio is India’s most energy-efficient fan.
  • Bldc motor the rpm of Atomberg efficio 1200mm fan is 350.


Atomberg’s Efficio is India’s most energy-efficient fan that consumes only 28 watts power at the highest speed using the bldc technology. Bldc motor the rpm of Atomberg efficio 1200mm fan is 350. The compact and powerful bldc motor i.e. bldc stands for brushless direct current. Bldc motor has no mechanical brush for commutation of the winding. Commutation is deployed with the help of smart electronics. Which helps in consuming only 28w at max speed. Due to bldc motor, even the heating of motor issue has been resolved. Remote control modes it also has features such as sleep mode – when sleep mode is activated, the fan will cycle through all speed settings in sequential order. This will help the consumer to sleep efficiently at night without worrying about the room temperature anymore, timer mode -this function allows you to set the length of time your fan will run before it automatically turns off, boost mode – you can now control and adjust the speed of your fan according to your convenience. Air delivery is 220cmm. With the features present in our Atomberg fan, we ensure that cooling is provided across all the corners of the room. Stomberg fans are designed to work well in most rooms of the house such as living rooms, bedrooms, master bedrooms, dining rooms, large kitchens, game rooms, or studios. These fans will not only provide cooling in all the corners but also save you from high electricity bills. Special features no heat loss- all heat losses and eddy current losses are eliminated due to the technology proprietary smart motor tuning algorithm- use of atom sense algorithm to tune the motor in real-time for highest efficiency sensorless design- commutation is done by back emf, thus making the design more reliable and increasing longevity use of permanent magnets- permanent magnets are used in the rotor to drive superior performance for product related query, known as Gorilla is Stomberg now.


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